Drug Addiction In New London, CT

One of the most concerning factors in the city of New London is the problem of drug abuse that has spread like a virus and entrapped hundreds of families. There is a sudden sense of urgency and panic within families as there are many who have fallen in to this dungeon. Let’s take a closer look at some problems of drug addiction and abuse that has marred the normal lives of people in New London.

How do kids using drugs affect the whole family?

mother with addict
Mother with addict

Kids are an important part of the family. Parents lose those special moments of love and laughter when their kids are victimized by this nasty drug addiction. Most often the critical cases separate families from their children as parents do a Drug Intervention and the child is put in a rehabilitation center. Drug addiction takes the toll to such a state that the court has to intervene in such issues and doesn’t allow children to go back to their homes. Parents become the biggest sufferers here. Agony and depression becomes a part of their lives. The lives of kids along with their families are severely impacted.
How do parents using drugs in the home affect the family?

The insidious nature of drug addiction brings along with it the saddest aspects of a family life. The main reason for this is that by the time the patient realizes he/she has a problem; drugs have already begun to dominate their mind and body. Parents who fall in to such a deadly trap become slaves of the situation and tend to go to any limits in satiating their desires for more of its use. This tremendously affects the family balance. And then there is no point in carrying out any arguments with the addicts themselves because they can only be termed as ‘patients’ or victims of the cause. There are only options left for the family in such critical condition. Either they overcome this problem and win over drug-addiction or become victims and slaves of it. They hardly have any choice left here as the time for recovery seems to run out off their hands.

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