Drug Abuse In Norwich, CT

The city of Norwich faces the brunt of drug-problem every year. One out of 10 families is in dismay.  The approach to counselors or Therapists is not quick and by the time they take action, the drug takes a toll on the lives of their dear ones. This proves the most sadistic and insidious nature of drugs abused by the person.

What age group is using seen using drugs on a larger scale?

kid buying drugs
Kid buying drugs

According to the survey carried out in Norwich, kids and teenagers are frequent smokers of weed and Marijuana. They begin smoking cigarettes and then metamorphose in to smoking heavier drugs.  While kids are easily trapped by drug-traffickers in to this vicious circle, they do what their parents do in most cases. Parents at home live in situations where most of them are either divorced or living complicated lives which effects tremendously on the psychologically on the child. There are many who take prescription drugs without even consulting the right person and kids easily copy this. There is no dearth of stopping or quitting once they start abusing drugs. Willingness to do a do a Drug Detox or a drug rehab is the only salvation.

How does it affect their family and relationships?

The real sufferers are families and the environment which constructs it. More than the victims, it is the environment around them that gets affected due to drug abuse. The nasty drug enslaves the victims in alienating from their near and dear ones and if the problem is not properly dealt with, it leads to hazardous consequences in the following way:

i.         There is lack of communication between the affected victim and the family members

ii.       Health record declines drastically and sometimes takes a toll on the victims life

iii.      Families suffer financial losses especially if the parents are drug-addicts too.

iv.     The relationships fall apart as seldom there is any communication or genuine bonding

v.       As the drug abuser gives-in to vices such as stealing or gambling, the court too intervenes in family matters separating the members from their homes.

vi.     What more than the victim is not in his self-control?  He simply can’t measure the vulnerability of problems that he falls in to as drugs have overtaken his psychological control over himself.

vii.    The urge for having more of drugs is a natural crave and keeps developing till the victim turns in to a hard-core drug-addict.

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