Drug addiction in New Hartford, CT

There is a growing concern on the problem of drug in the city of New Hartford. Although there are rehabilitation centers in and around the city, one needs to tackle the problem of drug addiction that is hampering the normal lives of its residents. Let us take a closer look at some important questions related to the same.

What age group is using drugs?

With the advent of growing pubs and bars in the city, the influx of youngsters using drugs in such areas is higher. More and more teenagers are drug-addicts and victims of it. Then there are people who are working professionals of the age group of 30 to 40 who are drug users too. Along with them is the juvenile age of 10 to 12 who are school going children and have fallen in to smoking drugs like Marijuana and even Cocaine. However statistics prove that it is teens that are mostly in this nasty drug-use.


Where are they using these drugs?

There are a number of places where drugs are being used and abused. The prime locations are night clubs and hotels where drugs are sold and purchased. Apart from them there are other places such as houses, schools and various other institutions where drugs are used. Teenagers and school going children manage to get in the school premises through drug-sellers and other agents who are on its look-out.

How does it affect their school activity?

The activity of a school going child gets affected tremendously here. The child loses interest in activities and studies. Not to miss their health conditions here that gets severely affected by this nasty drug-problem. Once they are complete addicts of drugs it becomes very difficult handling the situation as by then they lose control from their mind and body.

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How does it affect their parents and family life?

Parents and families are in a state of turmoil when their younger members get entrapped in drug-use. They lose proper communication with the affected victims as the child hides things from them and is often found stealing money from their account.

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