Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol Treatment in Connecticut

Looking at a Connecticut alcohol rehab for a loved one or for yourself can be

Alcohol Rehab
Alcohol Rehab

a frustrating experience. What type of Connecticut drug rehab is the best? How long should the alcohol treatment be? Should the alcohol detox or rehab be out-patient or residential rehabilitation treatment?

Drug rehab services can help you find:

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  • Alcohol treatment
  • Alcohol rehabilitation
  • Alcohol Detox centers
  • Alcohol Withdrawal treatments

Alcohol addiction in Connecticut is a major problem that affect individuals of any age and background when they overuse alcohol. It is a major medical and social problem in Connecticut but is not the same as alcoholism.

Alcoholism in Connecticut has been the major addiction problem. The fact that alcohol is free, it is socially accepted, it is affordable compare to other drugs. These are some of the factors why alcohol addiction is spread in the entire society. To become a problem or ask for help people with alcohol addiction will have to be in a more serious state of addiction than it would be for hard drugs.

Alcohol addiction can be treated on both an in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation basis. Residential rehab would have a better success rate than out-patient as for the time of treatment, the patient will not be tempted by consuming alcohol.

“Binge” drinking

Binge drinking can be explained as drinking heavily over a short period of time or drinking constantly over a number of days or weeks.

Binge drinking is dangerous because it results in immediate and important intoxication. As well as health hazards, this can lead individuals to take risks and put themselves in dangerous situations.

Typical effects of binge-drinking episodes are hangovers, headaches, nausea, shakiness and vomiting.