Drug Addiction in Rocky Hill, CT

Rocky Hill is a town from Connecticut’s Hartford County in United States. Its population as per the census conducted in 2000 was around 18000.the community of Rock Hill is mostly like a bedroom community because a good part of its total population works in Hartford and New Haven ,and come here in weekends, while some commute daily. Because of a nice central location, easy connectivity with Hartford, presence of good schools, it is a preferred place to stay. A very interesting thing about this place is the fact that it is the home to a large dinosaur track, in fact one of the largest in North America. Academy Hall, a museum is a local place of interest to visit.

How are most drugs being used and why?

drugs and parafernalia
Drugs and parafernalia

Like most other towns and cities of Connecticut, Rocky Hill is also bothered by the Drug problem. Rate of drug addicts and drug related crimes have gone up in the recent times. The reason behind this is easy availability of drugs and low awareness among people about the adversities that drug can cause. The reason as to why people get attracted towards drug is many folded. Because of the heady and attractive names that these potent death causers are disguised with, and the promised benefits like a healthy body, increased confidence, an instant feeling of jubilancy draws people towards drugs. Most of Rocky Hill’s addicts are in the young age group. This too can be explained since young people are more careless, and due to peer pressure among other factors, is mostly responsible in inducing them into trying drugs for the first time. Without even realizing how fast it is happening people are soon under the clutches of this hideous monster called drugs.

If you know of someone with this problem help them to do a Drug Intervention.

What extent people go to because of their drug addiction and how it affects their area?

The effect of drugs is serious, both in terms of physical and physiological conditions. To begin with, intense anxiety, hallucination, loss of appetite, rudeness and high blood pressure are common side effects of available drugs. Once addicted to it the effects are all the more serious and lethal. Some are slow killers whereas some will lead to quick degeneration. The family life of addicts suffers as well as their studies and careers. Drug unlike a disease is a social stigma as well, and people suffer a lot once associated with this problem. The best way to pull down this evil is to restrict the entry of narcotics in the town and increasing awareness.

There is good help in Drug Rehabilitation CT centers which cure many drug addicts every year.

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