Drug Addiction In Salem, CT

Located in the New London County of Connecticut, United States, Salem is a small city with a estimated population of about 4000 people as per the records of the census held in year 2000. Salem was Connecticut’s first town to have a Browne family owned plantation. Because of the craggy and rocky land Salem, mostly inhabited by the farmers had a sparse population. However it soon became a well known destination, due to the opening of Oramel Whittlesey’s Seminary. The students here are not only taught music intricately, but also self sufficiency through farming among other things. It is also the proud site for very early rural electrification. Salem has slowly but steadily progressed into becoming one of the fastest growing municipalities of Connecticut.

How most drugs are being used and why?

7 tons of Mary Jane
7 tons of Mary Jane confiscated

Unfortunately for it, like most of the other parts of Connecticut, it is too bogged down by the drug problem. It is a serious issue and stern steps needs to be taken in controlling it. Drug business is one of the most lucrative business, and like all other illegal trades, drug industry is flourishing too. Feeding on the blood and tears of the innocent grows this nexus of drug providers, dealers and small time drug peddlers. Most of them are seasoned criminals, and employ unsuspecting locals with the lure of easy money in helping them out with the activity.

There are many remedies for this malady, non easy, but very effective if done right. One solution is to do a Drug Detox. All these remedies are worthless if they do not include a real education on drug addiction and it solutions, which should include the study and training on new skills that will help the addict to survive better and confront the reality without the use of drugs.

What extent people go to because of their drug addiction and how it affects their area?

Why people get attracted to drugs, in spite of being aware of its deadly nature is a mix of many factors. The youth, to begin with, is always interested in trying out something risky that will set them apart, and when there is the chance whether it is getting an instant high, gaining confidence or making easy money, they are the real soft targets. Peer pressure in high schools and colleges of Salem can be yet another factor. There are some who out of sheer depression wants to try out something that will help them forget the reality, even if for a short time. Then there are others who decide to try out drugs just for the fun of doing something else. Whatever be the reason of doing drugs, the outcome spells doom for everyone. Drug addiction is a lethal disease and there is no escaping the fact. The authorities should make access to drugs tough by stepping up security and vigilance, while on the other hand awareness is to be created so that people turn their back to drugs even if they are easily available.

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