Drug Addiction In Roxbury, CT

Drug Addiction In Roxbury

A small town in Connecticut, United States, Roxbury has a population of about 2000 people as per the records of census held in 2000.it was initially a part of Woodbury and got incorporated in the 18th century. Soon silver mine was opened, later it was discovered to found spathic iron as well. The abundance of granite is also a plus side for the place. The main attractions of the town include the Roxbury Center, the Roxbury Falls and the Judd’s Bridge.

How are the most drugs being used and why?

Crystal Meth
Crystal Meth

The town of Roxbury faces the problem of drugs as any other modern town and city does. Drugs has become the most serious and deathly problems of our times. It catches its prey casually and soon succeeds in snuffing out the promising lives. Many an untimely death has occurred due to it, and many a happy family has collapsed. Drug is not only a disease but a stigma that affects not only the immediate addict but people around him as well. Don’t let this scourge affect you or your family and friends, take courage and do a Drug Intervention.

Now the question is – how does drug enters the city? Well like any other illegal trade there is a lot of money to make in the drugs business. Since it’s a very risky business so are the rewards. Those on lookout of making some quick bucks take to drug peddling. Catching them red-handed is an again a very uphill task to do, as they only operate in familiar and trusted chains.

What extent people go to because of their drug addiction and how it affects their area?

As a result drug abuse, or substance abuse as well as drug related crimes are on a high. It is really a sad thing that though people are aware of the dangerous nature of drug and the proportions that drug addiction can take in misshaping one’s life, there are still takers for it. They spend their hard earned money in buying something that pushes them towards an untimely and shameful death. The pain that they have to endure as they travel to that end is also unbearable.

Commonly available drugs have some very tell tale symptoms, which unfortunately most parents and friends ignore as teenage related problems. Anxiety, low self esteem, no appetite, rude behavior and aloofness are some of its mild side effects. Then there is the scary side; the range of effects varies greatly depending on the choice of drug but in general the whole person deteriorates, his or her teeth and hair start falling, the skin looses its natural color and the addict looks like a walking zombie. You can see new bruises and needle punctures, tattoos and piercings. Their health is extremely poor and their behavior is antisocial, dishonest and avoid the family and honest work. Once addicted to the drug the going gets tougher.

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