Drug Use in Naugatuck, CT

One of the major challenges threatening the people of Naugatuck is substance abuse. Alcohol and illegal drugs are flowing free into the city which has stirred the residents of the city. Illegal drug abuse can be the illicit use of any drugs, whether it is a prescribed drug or unprescribed crude drug got from the drug peddlers. Drugs are basically used for pleasure and recreational purposes. People use anything and everything to get the feel of high. The list of drugs abused includes Marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine and heroin.

7 tons of confiscated Marijuana
7 tons of confiscated Marijuana

How do they get into the city?

Drugs get into the state through the illegal drug traffickers who bring in the poison through Mexico and Cuba. They smuggle it so smartly that even the X- ray machines at the airport and the shipyards fail to detect it. The state authorities have increased the checks across the borders to stop the drugs from entering the states.

How people start off using drugs and soon become addicted

People usually consume drugs to relieve themselves of the daily stress and tension. Initially it might give miraculous relief and work wonders but as the time passes it enslaves the user making him drug addict. Unable to stop the practice one keeps on taking more and more doses which causes fatal consequences. Just a single over dose or doses over a period of time creates diseases such as seizures, heart attacks and strokes which might lead to death. Getting a Drug Detox might save the individual.

How do kids using drugs in the home affect the family?

Consumption of alcohol by the teenagers was considered to be an illegal activity once upon a time. But now the generation has become aware of the illegal drugs. Those who are enlightened with the negative effects of the drug abuse have turned out to be good scholars of Naugatuck. Those who are overcome by curiosity and wish to test the effects of the drugs consume it and end up in spoiling their academics and career. They are a nuisance to their families. Every day is a challenge for the parents of such children. They involve in petty crimes and mischief to get money for the drugs which are embarrassing and shameful for their parents.

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