Drug Addiction In Redding, CT

Redding is a quaint town that is termed quite rural compared to its peers that dot the golden coast. It boasts of several historic places of interest like the Aaron Barlow House, Daniel and Esther Bartlett House, Putnam Memorial State Park etc. There are also many historic homes, a congregational church and agro outbuildings that attracts history enthusiasts from surroundings. Another reason why the town is famed is because Mark Twain, the legendary writer has spent the last years in this peaceful and beautiful place. Other literary legends like Joel Barlow, Howard Fast and Flannery O’Connor, Dan Beard also had a special relationship with the place.

How most drugs are being used and why?


People are often lured into trying drugs because of what they have heard, not what they know for sure. The scenario in Redding is no different, with its youth being the worst affected. The answer to why individuals get attracted to drugs cannot be easy, often it is a mixture of many factors. Peer pressure, the kick derived of trying something new and risky and off course wanting to try out the promising results that these fabled stuff have attracts people towards it. Sometimes failure and depression also pushes people towards it.

What extent people go to because of their drug addiction and how it affects their area?

Sadly even this historically rich and special little town is also not spared from the deathly problem called Drugs. Drugs or substance abuse is a very grave problem that is affecting the society in a way, it should not. Responsible for wrecking many a blissful family life and snuffing out many a promising life, it is still going on gorging on young lives and creating havoc. The biggest risk is that people, though aware are still not careful about their reactions to drugs. What they don’t realize is that first time, if turns into a habit it is surely going to put an untimely and painful stop to their lives. Sometimes is best to just do a Drug Intervention.

The adverse affects of substance abuse is too vast to be communicated in a few words. Increased blood pressure, affected and blurred vision and hallucination are some of its less grave effects. As a person becomes addicted, psychological problems, intense anxiety, pain and destroyed immune system is resulted. The abstaining from such drugs is very tough and patient has to go through intense agony and trauma while doing so. Redding is taking steps in upping its securities to reduce drug related crimes, but the real power of fighting it remains in the hand of people.

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