Drug Addiction In Niantic, CT

The problem of teens using drugs is growing day by day in the city of Niantic.  What deteriorates the issue here is nearly one to two out of 15 teens are chain smokers of a powerful drug called Marijuana. Not only this than the use of this nasty drug amongst school going kids is on a rise. While fewer youngsters may be seen smoking cigarettes or mild drugs, many are frequently seen using drugs like Cocaine and Heroin sniffing in pure form.

What age group is using drugs?

drugs in school
Drugs in school

Teenagers and school going children are found prominently using drugs whether in colleges, work places, schools and at other places.  According to a survey carried out by the government, teens especially in the grades of 10th, 11th and 12th showed an affinity towards the use of drugs and many were already found to be hard-core addicts.  The survey also discovered some astonishing results amongst the 12th grade teenagers. These students were seen using Pot or Marijuana to cigarettes which are a saddening scene to discover. This is something that should not be permitted and any kid found using should start a drug detox immediately followed with proper drug education and counseling.

Where are they using drugs?

Often it is easy to use drugs at hidden places where the teenagers can comfortably smoke or use drugs. Most of these places are far from the scrutiny from their parents and social network.  Night pubs or drinking clubs facilitate the drug-use at a larger scale than any other place.  As the crowd and dark ambience camouflages the users, it becomes all the more easy to use drugs and alcohol at such places. Such places facilitate the use and abuse of drugs enormously. Often it becomes a place of perfect hideout for teenagers to try these drugs comfortably.

How does it affect their school activity?

Whether they are teenagers or people of any age group, drugs once taken become a great difficulty or an impossibility when it’s time to quit. Schools and various other institutions face the terrible brunt of such critical situations.  Utter dismay and turmoil steps in. The teenagers become weak both in health and in their psychological control over themselves.  Since the addiction has taken a toll over their mind, it becomes a struggle both for the school authorities as well the victim himself in returning back to a normal healthy routine of school life.

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