Drug Abuse in North Haven, CT

Drug abuse in North Haven

North Haven is witnessing an increased rate of drug users and abusers that is causing a serious problem with the families, institutions and relationships.   The struggle that the family undergoes in coping up with this nasty problem is painful and traumatic. We definitely can understand the effects on the victim both psychologically and physically but what about the social effects in North Haven? How are families and institutions coping up with the tragedy involved when one of their members loses his or her life succumbing in the retrieval?

How do kids using drugs in the home affect their family?

A critical awareness is required here when we talk about the effects that this poison creates on society, family, relationships and schools. When it comes to kids there are a number of factors that affect both family and personal life.

Drug Crimes
Drug Crimes

A sense of alienation

Kids experience this if they are given in to drug abuse regularly and subsequently turn in to hard-core addicts.  Addiction can simply be defined here as an overwhelming urge to take drugs regularly forgetting about the consequences that follow.  Addiction can make a person feel alienated even to his near and dear ones at home. This gives birth to family disputes and communication that seems to die a surprising death. Doing a Drug Intervention might be the best solution at this point.

Defensive behavior and anxiety

The kids often turn defensive and arrogant while behaving with their own parents. Anxiety creeps in and disallows them to maintain a pristine communication within or outside their social gamut.  Such a nature might reach vulnerable levels if not properly attended in terms of medical treatment or counseling.

Health record

The child’s health record gets severely affected and it takes a toll on their lives sometimes. Schools and institutions such as work places and other places of interest face the brunt of this nasty drug problem.  It’s difficult to explain when or how does this addiction takes control over their body and mind but the person anyway becomes a slave of drug-use out of no choice.  He or she can’t help overcoming it as by then they have turned hard-core addicts and lose complete control over their conscious mind.  In these conditions it is very important that the family take every step carefully in dealing with the affected victim in terms of sympathy, alertness and counseling.

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