Substance abuse in Norfolk, CT

In spite of numerous efforts to improve upon the problem of substance abuse and drug addiction, the situation in Norfolk, Connecticut simply seems to be ballooning day by day.  The eradication seems to need some more attention when it comes to awareness and treating the patients in a methodical manner.

Choice of drugs abused

drugs and parafernalia
Drugs and parafernalia

Alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, illegal drugs like Marijuana, Cocaine and heroin are some of the examples of drugs that people use frequently. While alcohol and cigarettes are seen commonly used in society, the heavier-in terms of effects- and hazardous range is illegal, yet found to be consumed secretly or at places which are otherwise forbidden by the society.  Often teenagers or visitors in Norfolk are found very much using names of strong drug varieties in the form of codes such as ‘black-beauty’, ‘uppers’ or ‘yellows’.   Drug or substance abuse is found prominently existing in almost every society and although some abuses are barred legally, many which are illegal continue to spread its poison around in the city.

How do they get in to the city?

Illegal methods in bringing tons of drugs in to the city are used enormously by the drug-mafia. They have strategically-designed plans in increasing the drug-influx in through various illegal channels.  Although there are seizures by the security officials recorded,   yet the drug-traffickers win over getting in to the city through secret ways. Often the local residents and those working in the government departments are also bribed in facilitating drugs in the city of Norfolk.  Once the drugs enter the city areas, distributing the supply is not much of a task for this already experienced mafia-group and increasing their so-called business empire.

Ho w do drugs become popular?

The worst part that is hard to be separated here is that drugs can be easily mixed or concocted with drinks and cigarettes in order to hide its true appearance. People fall in to the trap easily as smoking and drinking are considered to be a commonly observed social-norm. This is where the drug-sellers take away the opportunity in striking their target and making drugs popular. As the drugs become popular it hardly takes time for the city to face the consequences of it.

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