Drug Problem In North Canaan, CT

The vast majority of employers in North Canaan are victims of drug abuse.  They don’t leave their problems at their door when they arrive at workplace.  In fact, industries that show higher rate of drugs use show a lot of similarity with those of greater risk for accidents, injuries in construction, driving, manufacturing and so on.

What age group is using drugs?

Mary Jane & Roach
Mary Jane & Roach

The age group which is found using drugs are prominently the younger lot that falls between 18 and 25. One out of every 16 teenagers is found either smoking weed or even higher variety which could be anything from Cocaine to Heroin. While smoking and frequent drug use is seen amongst teenagers, adults are also seen abusing drugs at places such as social events, workplaces, homes and restaurants.

What kinds of accidents occur when under the influence in the workplace?

Although drinking and driving vehicle is a commonly witnessed scene at places in North Canaan, people seldom improve upon their habits finally landing in jails and court cases.  Accidents that happen due to drug-use seem like a natural phenomenon happening on the streets or at workplaces.  Employers who are drug addicts are most of the time ignorant about their accident prone activities and are responsible for the losses to their businesses.  The city of North Canaan itself witnesses cases of rash driving and killings, much of time with people who have taken heavy doses of drugs.

Must we put up with this growing epidemic of drug addiction? I hope not and that we all do something about the problem starting with a better drug education and be willing to do a Drug Intervention.

How does it affect the employers business and image?

No doubt the drug costs to the society and workplace are huge. Companies and industries face severe losses when their own employers are drug abusers. For an employer to abuse or use drugs at workplace, life becomes a hell as they themselves aren’t aware of the repercussions that follow after they turn in to drug addicts.  The gamut of workplace is tremendously affected here. Often actions such as disregarding their subordinates or repeatedly breaking the rules of punctuality are few signs that the drug-addict shows.   As the drugs have overtaken their psychological and physical selves, they are no more in control of themselves.  Quitting the drug becomes a difficult issue as the victim camouflages himself at the workplace. And by the time he or she realizes that they need attention, it becomes too late.

There is good help in Drug Rehabilitation CT centers which cure many drug addicts every year.

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