Drug Addiction in Old Lyme, CT

Hundreds of victims in Old Lyme are found abusing Cocaine and Heroin and more than that are seen using amphetamine type stimulants.  What is most disheartening is the fact that despite the constant efforts of the local government in solving the drug-problem in the city, the choice of drugs abused continues to rise and is now taking a toll heavily on the lives of innocent people.  But how does this illicit drug industry keep growing? What is the choice of drugs abused in the city? How does the city get affected with this influx of drug-supply? What is a Drug Detox? Let’s take a quick look in to the matter.


Choice of drugs abused

While drugs like Marijuana and Cocaine are commonly found to be used by teenagers and other younger lot, Amphetamine and Cannabis along with weed is a favourite one amongst wide range of people who are drug abusers. There are some who prefer depressants such as heroin and barbiturates and many who opt for cocaine or crack. Hallucinogens like LSD, Marijuana and ecstasy are popular with people below the age group of 30. People who abuse drugs come from all walks of life. Right from the office-going crowd, to rural residents and single more than married men are frequent abusers of these drugs.

How do drugs get in to the city?

Although there have been seizures by the city officials, the influx of the drug-supply doesn’t seem to end.  The supply enters the city through various illicit and illegal channels eloping city residents and people who easily get bribed in facilitating the cause.  The drug-mafia is always located at hideous locations and is difficult to be approached.  Their so-called ‘empire’ thus is on a steady rise with less captures and more distribution of their business in smaller localities that come in the vicinity of their vicious circle.

How do people start off using drugs and become addicted?

One of the most sad issues here is that much before the people realize or experience its after-effects, the nasty drug has already taken a toll on their psychological and physical state.  Even a one-time try is enough for beginners to feel the effect of it. Many a time’s drugs are being facilitated by the drug-sellers who have a knack of targeting the ‘right’ victim for their ‘businesses.

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