Drug Addiction in Lyme, CT

How do the drugs become popular?

Illegal drugs are a bane for not just any province but for the whole world. Though pot trading is illegal in the whole of the U.S, gypsies and gangsters moving in from Mexico bring the drugs in many ways, in fact they use tricky ways which go away undetected at the customs. While 90% of the Marijuana enters from Mexico, Cuba accounts for the maximum percentage of Cocaine imports and Chinese mafia brings in GHB. Drug addiction has become a huge matter of concern for not just a single country or county but for the whole of the U.S. Speaking about Lyme, Connecticut a recent upsurge of drug users of all age groups has created a stir among the locals.

What gets people to try these drugs?


Drugs users can be classified into 2 segments- one, who use pleasure drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana etc to get a high feeling and the other segment of drug users include people who use excess of prescribed medication to get rid of chronic problems and stress. Well most of the drug abusers forget the fact that drugs are to be used to cure an illness and not to create one.

Drugs get the users fall prey to its magical powers. People try it to experience its effects momentarily. However strong you are the qualities of the drugs never let you forget them. You will be forced to taste more and more which results to the start of your end. People on drugs become a great source of concern for the family, relatives and the employers. Find out if a drug detox is what you need.

How does it affect employers?

The office goers tend to lose interest in their work and become inefficient due to the drug consumption. This will directly or indirectly influence the reputation of the company which might lead to loss of clients. As no employer can take such risk, he would evidently want the drug user employee to get out of his organization.

What age group is using in the workplace?

Drug abuse is not restricted to any age group. School going and teenagers are also affected by the dangerous toxins. While it is the age where one concentrates on the academics and career, they become least bothered about it. The latter is more real as a good drug education at all levels could stop the increase of new users, without which the drug industry would disappear on its own as there would be no monetary incentives to continue as the old users would just start diminishing as they die or decide to quit drugs.

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