Drug Addiction in Lisbon, CT

Drugs have been a huge topic of concern for many countries. Its abuse has been causing pain in the necks of many.  People of different age groups and different segments have been falling prey to this ill fated habit. You could help someone to get into a Detox Program to revive them into thinking more clear and give them a chance to recover.

How do they get into the city?

Drug dealing in the streets
Drug dealing in the streets

Lisbon has been constantly experiencing nuisance from the guys who pose as street peddlers selling drugs. Those drug sellers are usually gypsies or nomads from Mexico and nearing places. Drugs have been a huge cause of tension for the residents of Lisbon since the past few years. Though most of the towns in the state are tourist friendly, these drug peddlers have started creating a pain in the necks of the visitors and the locals in the recent days.

The drug users and dealers try to become friendly with the tourists and the locals and try to sell them the poisonous powders. They even dare to offer you a pack of cocaine or a wand of rolled Hashish in the middle of the road. The state police have strict eyes on such people but they try to escape them too.

Where are they using these drugs?

Secondly the town is filled with pubs, night clubs and discos which are the best places for a drug dealer to sell his products. A large number of people gather at these places where they can be lured easily. Remember never speak or acknowledge any drug seller in Lisbon or any other town in the state. It is advisable to walk away avoiding their glances unless you are interested in buying drugs.

How does it affect their business and image?

Drug users usually are not concerned about their professional life and the impact created on their work places. Drug addiction makes them in capable gradually. They lose their power of thinking, analyzing and dealing with their jobs. This cursed habit not only spoils the lives of the individual but stains the reputation of the organization which will ultimately make the employer chuck you out. After all what does drugs give you; Momentary pleasure, disgrace, humility and lastly illness and death.

The saddest reality of the drug abuse is that the teens are infested with the lust for drugs. They are taken into confidence by the drug sellers and are supplied drugs regularly. This habit forces them to adopt several other ill practices such as theft, speaking lies, ignoring studies and indulging in severe offences.

Tips for the Parents

Parents should always remember one thing. Regular check on their children and special attention towards their academics and routine can help you save your children from falling prey to such deadly habits. It is always advisable to clear the weeds when they are at the nascent stage. If you let the weeds grow, they will kill the good crops and conquer your garden making it a useless waste land.

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