Drug Addiction In Newtown, CT

People in Newtown those who are using drugs are not only spoiling their future lives but the environment around them as well. Drugs have taken a toll on families, societies, institutions and the whole city.  What is startling is the fact that more and more families have fallen in to this drug-trap and have marred their peaceful lives.

How do people start off using drugs and soon get addicted?

Alcohol of different kinds
Alcohol of different kinds

People often try them for the sake of experiencing a new thing. What they don’t understand is that much before they get the vibes that they have got entrapped, the drug has already overtaken them. There are teenagers and school going children who become an easy target here. Drugs can easily be mixed in chocolates, cigarettes or soft drinks and given to the victim. Once the people start off using drugs they crave for something stronger and original. This is the time when vulnerability to risks and health problems increases when they reach a state of being ‘addicted’.

What do people get involved in because of their drug addiction?

Drug addiction is a serious problem and people who are drug users or addicts are none other than victims of it.  They are in no control of themselves and tend to make mistakes after mistakes when it comes to relationships, family, career and social life. There is unexplained alienation from social life while family bonding grows distorted. Extreme conditions occur when the addict begins to fall in to illegal acts such as robbery, killing, violence and promoting drugs to innocent people.  Such cases are then handled either by the court or drug rehabilitation centre if given proper attention.

How does drug addiction affect families, schools and relationships?

Families, schools and relationships are in utter dismay and bewilderment when the member is found to be a drug addict. The struggle to bring back the person to a normal state is very difficult and a painful task as the victim is seriously influenced both psychologically and physically.  Such patients mostly either ignore their families or schools or simply disregard them in public. As a result the relationship between such individuals and the institutions around them falls apart.

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