Drug Addiction in Griswold, CT

Griswold is a city in the New London County, Connecticut State, in United States of America. There are several wonderful things about Griswold like as the beautiful countryside and other places of historical importance but this city is facing problems of drug addiction. There is no clue as to how and when the drugs are brought in to the city but whenever there is a leak the police traps the suppliers. There is not enough police investigators following the track of dealers and to rely on the FBI is hopeless. It is hard to see that youngsters and school kids form the major part of the drug abuse scam. This is not to say that you should give up but on the contrary, you should be more involved, together with your family and community, in anti drug educational programs.

Drugs and parafernalia
Drugs and parafernalia

It is sad to know that the people who become victims of drug abuse are mainly from the age group of 25 till 25; while some learn to control it others become hopeless. There are many drug rehabilitation centers that are house these drug addicts right now who are in no position to help them out. There are many problems that are posed by drug abuse but the most prevalent among them are depression, relationships get ruined, huge financial loses, jail time, illness and sometimes they even lead to the death of the person.

There are several reasons as to why one gets to become drug addict and the major reasons are personality, peer pressure, family, social and educational makeup. There are forceful situations in which we might take drugs, for instance like for the purpose of recovering and relieve pain but they are unintentional and the doses are in small quantities but when one’s body starts relying on such factors then it is called addiction. They are beyond your control and so you should learn to control your mind so that you don’t end becoming a drug addict.

Drug abuse affects the life of the individuals by affecting their family, friends, their social life, professional life and also themselves. In case of the employer, they would retain you only until the signs of drug addiction don’t become obvious to them once visible the signs of addiction, not another minute would they retain you as the entire image of the firm would be lost because of one such employee. It totally ruins the relationship between you and your family. So be safe and say no to drugs.

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