Addiction in Greenwich, CT

Greenwich is a city in the state of Connecticut in United States of America. Drugs are like a disease that has left no place untouched and so is the case of Greenwich too! There are several ways how drugs get into the city but the most prominent way in Greenwich is through the drug dealers. People try these out for various reasons initially but the main one is stress which later leads to depression while the kids or the teenagers mainly become drug addicts with the main notion in their mind that they would be looked up as cooler people. Drugs abuse has an epicenter and it is none other than the teen or the youth parties and discos etc.

Illegal prescription drugs
Illegal prescription drugs

The prominent age group that uses drugs is between the ages 15 to 25. This is the age at which people first try out drugs. However, drug addicts belong to all age categories. Drug abuse is one major problem that the state police have been facing for long and they are taking various preventive measures but most of the time these measures go in vain. There are several side effects that these drugs have and most of them are destructive in nature. A drug addict can end up doing anything when he wants drugs and not to be surprised that he even performs murder.

Drug abuse affects your professional life by degrading the brand image of the firm where you are employed and therefore counting these firms to be low on ethics. The employers are embarrassed when reputation of the firm goes low in the eyes of the society. This will also lead to lower efficiency levels of the firm’s performance thereby leading it in the opposite direction of achieving the bottom line.

There are several ways in which this drug abuse or drug addiction can affect the quality of life of a person. They affect the intimacy in all the relationships a can person can possible think of. Not only does drug usage ruin the person’s reputations but sometimes people will also loose trust on the addict as far as anything is concerned.

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