Drugs in Groton Long point, CT

Groton Long point is a subdivision from the town of Groton and it is located on the long island sound in the county of New Jersey in the State of Connecticut in United States of America. When it comes to drug addiction in Groton Long point it is not considered to be a new problem or a new epidemic. It is a matter of concern that had been tearing the families apart for a long period now. To add fuel to the fire there are increasing cases of drug abuse in the recent past in this state of the United States of America. There are various drugs that play a major role in this scam and the major drugs are heroine, cocaine and marijuana.


There are several ways using which people become addicted to such habits like the genetic factors, ease of access, pressure from the peer group, the race and ethnicity of the person, depression, loneliness and anxiety. There are many who start using drugs and many come out of the habit realizing the ill effects of drug abuse but at the same time there are others who don’t realize it until it is too late and even then they wouldn’t be able to stop consuming the drugs without Drug Intervention. This addiction affects the quality of life of the consumer of the drug and they become drug addicts. Not only this but they are not trusted by anyone and therefore are tagged as the hopeless cases. When it comes to Groton Long point the access to the drug had been through the help of the Russian roulette and more importantly they are considered to be the major players even today but their way of playing the game has changed a lot then what it was a decade ago. There were natural drugs that was being consumed the drug addicts but these days they are more of the synthetic drugs rather than anything else.

Teen drug usage has been a rising issue for ages now and the state police are trying to reduce this in all the ways possible but most of the efforts go in vain. So it is in the hands of the responsible citizens of the state to help the prevention of the drug usage in Groton Long Point.

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