Drug Addiction in Glastonbury, CT

Glastonbury is a small town in Connecticut. Glastonbury is faced with the serious problem of drug addiction. The children of Glastonbury are being exposed to drugs at early ages and hence this ruins the life of the child. Statistics show that majority of drug addicts are school students and that majority of drug addicts start drug abuse in school simply due to peer pressure. They end up becoming withdrawn, lonely and with absolutely no social life. Not to mention them becomes big failures in life. Drug addicts at school level can up put up with school activity and soon discontinue from school whereas the drug addicts who are employees end up getting fired due to low performance and increased number of sick days. Glastonbury rehabs are doing their best to protect their locals from heroin, cocaine and marijuana which are the most commonly available drugs and are extremely dangerous. However among teenagers Marijuana and alcohol are the most widely used drugs although methamphetamine and heroin are also popular.

Crystal Meth
Crystal Meth

Apart from peer pressure the other popular reasons for drug use would be trauma, stress and depression. Teenagers see it as a way to escape from their problems in school and the lack of parental involvement makes it easier for them to become drug addicts. When a child becomes a drug addict open communication is the best way to handle the child. In most cases however anger is the first instinct and this will not help solve any problem and will only lead to weakening family bonds and relationships. Sometimes one must do a Drug Intervention before it is too late to salvage a life.

The behavior of a drug addict is predictable and at most times it is their behavior that gives them away. There is excessive tiredness, lack of personal hygiene, dull and dazed eyes, lying or stealing, drop in grades and for an employee a drop in performance and increased number of sick days. The physical problems drug addicts face are disturbed sleep, lethargy, paranoia and heart problems. Drug abuse is a problem which should not be taken for granted or ignored. It is required for one to be patient with a drug addict and being harsh or rude to them will not help them stop using drugs. Drug addicts are usually avoided like plague. They have no friends and no social life.

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