Drug Addiction in Franklin, CT

Franklin is a town in New London County, Connecticut, United States. The population was 1,835 at the 2000 census. The town also includes the village of North Franklin.

Franklin, Connecticut is facing a growing problem these days. The number of drug addicts is growing by the day and the drug rehabs in Franklin and the government of Connecticut are trying all they can do to put an end to drug use and drug addicts. Addiction is synonymous to slavery. The person who is a drug addict becomes a slave and has no control over oneself. Drug addiction is however a much venerated topic these days among most families and they consider drug addiction an issue of family reputation and esteem. What is more important is the support and love they give to the drug addicted family member to help them stop using drugs. One of the best possibilities is to do a Drug Intervention.

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Drug addiction destroys the happiness of an individual. It breaks relationships and hence a drug addict is lonely and in most cases socially withdrawn. When a family finds out that they have a drug addict in their midst they are in for a huge shock, but what matters is how they handle the situation wisely. Franklin statistics show that drug addiction is common among school going students. This is mainly due to the lack of parental involvement. Once the parents find out they tend to blame each other and completely lose their cool. Of course having a drug addict in the family is no pleasure or pride. But throwing a fit is definitely not going to help or change things back to normal. Franklin has many drug rehab centers which cure many drug addicts every year. Hence enrolling the child in one of those rehabs would be the first thing to do. Their job does not end here. Their help support and love plays a vital and huge role in curing the drug addict. If the rehab cures a drug addict successfully it is the combined effort of the rehab and the family of the drug addict.

There have been many cases in which junior students have known to have been involved in drug use. The practice of drug abuse usually starts due to peer pressure. In the case of an adult, the reasons are mostly stress, trauma or depression.

There is good help inĀ  Drug Rehabilitation Connecticut centers which cure many drug addicts every year.

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