Drug Addiction in Farmington, CT

Farmington is a town located in Hartford County in the Farmington Valley area of central Connecticut in the United States. The population was 23,641 at the 2000 census. It is home to the world headquarters of several large corporations including Carrier Corporation, Otis Elevator Company, and Carvel. As an affluent suburb of Hartford, Farmington is often regarded as one of the most posh and desirable communities in the area. The town was listed among the “preppiest” suburbs in the United States in the tongue-in-cheek 1980s best-seller The Official Preppy Handbook.

Farmington, with its wealth and extra disposable income, is a place with growing drug addicts. The government of Connecticut and the rehabilitation centers in Farmington and doing their best to put a full stop to drug addiction. The statistics of Farmington, CT, show that most drug addicts had started taking drugs in school and that too due to peer pressure. Other reasons as to why individuals start taking drugs is trauma, stress and depression. Lack of parental involvement plays a huge role in the cases of drug addiction among students. Most parents never keep a check on their children, their friends, the people the hang out with and the parties they go to. Hence it comes as a big shock to them to find out that their child is a drug addict. Drug addiction and drug use can ruin the life of a child and the child loses his or her social life, friends, confidence and most importantly happiness.

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Whether it is Marijuana, Cocaine, Crack, Heroine, Meth, Alcohol, Extasy, inhalants or any prescription drug, when a person starts taking drugs there are certain things which give them away. There is a sudden weight loss, disregard for rules and authority, in the case of a student there is a huge drop in grades and lack in attendance, lack of personal hygiene, violent outburst and hysteric behavior from time to time. Drug addicts are usually withdrawn and are not very socially active. They don’t talk much and becomes extremely violent if they fail to take drugs from time to time. Drub addicts completely lose control of themselves and become ready to do anything to be able to take drugs again. They shell out money like water and think of nothing else but the drug. Drugs like Marijuana, cocaine and Heroin are the most common drugs and are available easily.

If in case a family member turns out to be a drug addict the family must stop blaming each other, should not lock the victim in the house and should stop lying to everyone else about the drug addict’s whereabouts. This is the mistake that most families do. One must immediately look for a drug rehabilitation center and must do all what he or she can do to cure the drug addict. Drug addiction can be cured only by love, encouragement and support. The Farmington rehabilitation centers cure many drug addicts every year.

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