Drug Addiction in Enfield, CT

The Problem of Prescription Drugs in Enfield, Connecticut

The abuse of prescription medication is a problem everywhere in the United States, especially in the metropolitan areas, such as New York City. Since Enfield, Connecticut lies within close proximity to New York, It and its citizens fall prey to this problem. Many doctors write scripts for pain-killers, giving some patients the opportunity to sell their unused pills. The pill market is so lucrative that some individuals decide to engage in this unlawful activity as their profession. The closer to a large city and/or area the more that this activity becomes prevalent, due to the amount of people always ready to buy these drugs, as well as the large number of doctors who prescribe these meds. Many individuals begin their “habit” right in their family’s medicine cabinet. After their need increases for these pills, they must look elsewhere for them. Some go to doctors; however after a while their addiction is too great for even this, so they go to the streets for these pills. The drugs that seem to be the most popular, especially in the New York and Connecticut areas include many of the following:

Illegal Prescription Drugs
  • Percocet
  • Xanax
  • Klonopin
  • Oxycontin
  • Elavil
  • Catapres

The trend of these individuals, who practice drug abuse, is to mix prescription drugs, which gives them a fast “high” and can be deadly. People abuse drugs to have fun, to lose weight, and to fit in with their peers. Many individuals blend Over the Counter (OTC) drugs with prescribed meds to save money, but sometimes it can cause an adverse reaction or overdose. It is better to get into a Drug Rehabilitation program as soon as possible but it is never too late to do a Drug Intervention when the addict is not willing to change the habit or has relapsed.

Enfield has researched all of the above scenarios and is implementing prevention, as well as treatment programs to try and eliminate its illicit drug programs. There are also support groups that help those individuals stay off drugs after they have completed a treatment program.  Physicians are encouraged to advise their patients about the addiction powers of these painkillers, as well as restricting the length of time that these patients are prescribed the addictive meds. With everyone working together, it is hoped that Enfield’s problems with drugs will soon be over!

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