Drug Addiction in Essex, CT

Oxycontin, a narcotic drug, is a problem all over the world. It is especially problematic in Connecticut, due to the past leniency of obtaining it. Doctors freely prescribe these meds, for severe pain, with the average dose depending on the size of the individual and/ or physical condition. There is not enough emphasis on the dangers and addictive nature of “Oxycontin”, so naturally those persons taking this drug do so freely. After their pain has subsided, and the physician refuses to refill the meds, the addictions start. Many of these individuals are “hooked” and do not realize that their addiction is both a mental and physical dependency. Some decide to go to another physician, but the United States government is now trying to stop them from receiving additional refills of this opium drug. There are some physicians who sell “Oxycontion” and charge patients with this drug. The cost is included with the office call. Recently, the United States government is placing strict regulations on “Oxycontin” and urging people to be careful when taking this dangerous drug.


There are two types of drug abusers pertaining to “Oxycontin” and its addiction:

1. “Party” person , buying “beans” off the street
2. Individual taking this drug for pain ( a real health related problem)

It is amazing that those persons, who become addicted when taking Oxycontin for a health problem, tend to feel ashamed; however those individuals who buy “Oxycontin” off of the street think that it is not so bad, since it is a medicine that is prescribed by a physician. When an addiction problem sets in, both types of addicts have pretty much the same problem. They are both addicts!

Essex has many substance abuse treatment centers in near proximity, where a qualified medical staff is licensed and skilled in handling drug abuse problems. They offer in-patient or out-patient clinical programs. Every patient is treated according to his/her type of drug and its severity. They are encouraged to enroll in support programs to help increase inner strength, so that a relapse will not happen. Yes, Essex is taking pains in becoming a “drug-free” city!

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