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Does Ellington, Connecticut Need to Worry About Cocaine or Heroin?

The residents of Ellington, Connecticut feel the need to worry more about the use and/ addiction of heroin than with cocaine. Why? Heroin is considered to be the “In” course of action for a quick ‘high”, with regard to the young adult generation, ages 20 to 30 years of age. Since these individuals are not a vulnerable age, one would think that they would not fall for the drug scene, especially an opiate highly addictive drug, such as

Heroin and needle
Heroin and needle

However, they feel that it is a party drug and get hooked before they actually know what has happened. Those young executives, who have bright futures, as well as those “stay at home” moms, sometimes fall victim to this dangerous drug.

Since the use of heroin has become prevalent in Ellington, the need for treatment and/ or rehab centers is evident. There are several within a close proximity to this city. The most popular and effective of all facilities are the clinics that use methadone or Seboxin.to help wean addicts off of opiate drugs, such as heroin. Here participants visit the clinic daily for their specified dose and attend group meetings which help to support these addicts in their quest for a cure. A physician is at this clinic to periodically check the individual for adverse reactions, etc. Random drug tests are administered to make sure that these participants are not relapsing. If a relapse does occur, the addict must begin the program all over again. For those who are committed to a life without drugs, this program is successful, but for those who only want to get  a legal “high”, this clinic is a waste of time and will only lead to a relapse.

Ellington city officials have initiated ways that they feel will help decrease the use of heroin within its city limits, as follows:

  • Good preventive programs beginning in middle schools
  • Strict penalties and/ punishment for the involvement in any type of drug activity
  • Licensed and skilled treatment centers

With all of the above   factors implemented, Ellington feels confident on lessening and eventually eliminating the problem of illicit drugs, such as heroin.

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