Drug Addiction in East Windsor, CT

Kids who Live with Addicted Parents

There are many kids who live in an unstructured life, due to both parents being drug addicts. However, these parents may not be the traditional addicts that party, etc. They are those individuals who abuse prescription drugs and hold down a reasonably good paying job. To outsiders, this type of family looks normal, when in fact it is not! This seems to be almost common in the city of East Windsor, Connecticut. This city has a population of less than 10,000 inhabitants, where most individuals are hard working professionals blended with homemakers.

Very often there is either one parent or both who are addicted to pain relievers. Since, it pertains to prescription meds, many individuals do not consider themselves to be addicted, which is why it makes their problems hard to detect. However they cannot go without missing a dose for more than one day, which defines an addict.

I don't want drugs
I don't want drugs

When it comes to their kids, this is where the addiction really shows. They spend a lot of time in bed sleeping, instead of taking care and/ or playing with their children As these  youngsters get older, these addicted parents miss a lot of activities related to their kids’ schools, as well as extracurricular  ones. The kids spend a lot of time alone or bonding with friends. The excuse is usually that their parents have been working hard and are tired, etc, but in reality the other kids’ parents work too, and they seem to be able to keep up with attending their activities. It is a hard life for the children of addicts, but an undetected one, since these children have materialistic things, just not those qualities that really matter which are non tangible articles like time spent with them and good care!

For those individuals who realize that they have an addiction problem, or whose physicians have detected their problems, there are treatment rehab centers in East Windsor, Connecticut that are dedicated to the treatment of individuals addicted to drugs, including prescription meds. Once an individual has accepted responsibility for his/her problem and has enrolled in a program at a rehab facility, he/she is well on the way to recovery. You can be sure that the kids involved will begin to live a much happier life!

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