Drugs in East Granby, CT

The Progression of Drugs in East Granby

The residents of East Granby, Connecticut are experiencing problems related to drugs within their city limits. With less than 5,000 residents, this small old fashioned town would seem to be vacant of such activities.  Although small, this city is so near New York and the suburbs, that the many vices from the metro areas are   affecting it. From marijuana to heroin, these drugs are being introduced, as well as trafficked. It is up to the residents to stop this activity. The various drugs that are popular in East Granby include the followings substances:

  • Marijuana

Marijuana is known as the “Gateway Drug”. This is because it introduces individuals to the world of drugs, and by association can lead to other party drugs that are   harmful and dangerous.

  • Oxycontin

Oxycontin, also referred to as “Hillbilly heroin”, is an intense and fast addictive opiate, when abused.  These drugs can be ingested in 3 different ways:

1.      Swallowed

This is the traditional manner in which to take Oxycontin. If it is being taken to get “high”, larger doses are required. This can be a very dangerous venture, because there is always a chance of overdosing.

2.      Crushed or mashed

If an Oxycontin pill is crushed or mashed, and then sniffed, an immediate “rush” can be felt. This is an extremely dangerous method, however very common among drug users.

3.      Shot

The most threatening way to use Oxycontin is by needle. Of course, a pill must be crushed and mixed with water in a specific way. This is very risky, because you do not only have the effects of the drug, but also the dangers related to possibly sharing a needle, such as Hepatitis C, Aids, among other diseases. Although many individuals claim that they do not share needles, who knows what they do when they are “high”!

Heroin and Needle
Heroin and needle
  • Heroin

Heroin is the most risky of all opium’s. It can also be swallowed or shot and is a very difficult drug to be cured from.

East Granby officials are doing everything within their power to reduce and eliminate illicit drugs. Although they are making  progress, the process takes time!

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