Drugs in Danielson, CT

How Danielson is coping with its “Heroin” Problem

Heroin "Stamps"

Danielson, Connecticut is attempting to cope with a new problem in its small city; that of illicit drugs. It seems that the sophisticated drug of heroin is taking this area by storm.  With around 5,000 residents not too many newcomers visit the city, so many people feel confident that illicit drugs will never hit their small area, but they are very wrong. Although there are many senior citizens in this quaint town, the youth that live there are experimenting with drugs. Many are wondering how they are getting these drugs, and what type they are using. Are the drugs in their area  opiates and strong addictive substances? The answers to these questions are quite simple. The drug that is being abused is heroin, and these young people are obtaining it at parties, usually from acquaintances; and it is an opiate. It comes right out of New York and is sold in packets called stamps. Here the heroin is places on powder from  wax paper and folded twice, thus being sealed with a stamp. These stamps are made in vivid colors to entice the users, with sayings such as, “Purple City”, Frank Lucas”, Green Needle”,”All Star”, among others. Frank Lucas” is the most popular, due to the gangster movie that is current. This film displays the use of heroin and glamorizes it.

There are some treatment facilities near Danielson where skilled and trained medical staffs  are ready and willing to help these kids. If these addicts are under the age of 18, their parents are required to sign for them. Here, the participating patients agree to visit the center for daily doses of Methadone or Seboxin to wean them off of heroin. Counseling sessions, as well as doctor’s evaluations  are part of the agenda to assist these addicts on “staying straight”. These programs are successful as long as the patients are committed to a life of sobriety.

Since the residents of this small city in Connecticut are aware of this drug problem, they are attempting to place their addictive drugs under “lock and key” in hopes of preventing new addiction cases, while trying to “cure” those already addicted individuals.

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