Drug Addiction in Deep River, CT

Oxycontin and Heroin are Corrupting Small Cities in Connecticut

There are a few individuals that commute to and from New York City, to escape all of the issues that go hand in hand with a large metropolitan area, such as New York City. Settling in a nice small city, such as Deep River, Connecticut is peaceful and thought to be much safer than NYC. Many families feel that the threat of activities related to crimes, such as drugs are pretty much non- existent in Deep River, and this was true until recently.  In the past couple of years, drug activity has become prevalent in this city of less than 5,000. Since  many drug dealers, as well as users ,want to move away from the  city gangs, they pick small cities within close proximity to continue their drug trafficking. In this case, Deep River was one of the chosen few. It is in this quaint area that negative issues pertaining to drugs are exposing the residents. Teens are being motivated into trying a dose of heroin, which sometimes results in an immediate addiction. Believe it or not, many young executives are attending company parties and participating in illicit drugs.  Some are newcomers, where others experimented in college. Whatever the case, many are destroying their lives and careers. In Deep River, the target and. or focus is on the thirtieth generation, and some have fallen victim to this drug. Once a dealer gets into a circle of friends, and begins his/her alluring tactics, then the vicious cycle of drug dependency begins.


The two drugs that are most prevalent in Deep River are “Oxycontin, better known as the hillbilly heroin and heroin. Both are opiates and are extremely addictive. It is a grueling task to break one’s addiction, but it can be accomplished with the aid of professional help. There are a few addicts who might actually go through their withdrawals alone; however they must be prepared to spend a couple three weeks sick. It is much healthier to participate in a treatment center designed to handle these types of problems. Deep River is serious about stopping this illicit drug activity and is calling for all residents to assist in this task!

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