Drugs in Bozrah, CT

Why Bozrah has become a Center for Drugs

With less than 5,000 residents, Bozrah, Connecticut has become a center for illegal drug activities.  Small, but powerful, this town has above average living standards. The amount of money that is associated with Bozrah is part of the draw that brings drug trafficking to this town, the other being its proximity to New York. Dealers feel that they can go back and forth to the “Big Apple” for a supply, while others live in New York, only to travel to Bozrah for their business dealings, since the ride is less than 200 miles. Until just recently, Bozrah has been a great town with a high moral standard in which their residents pride themselves. However, things are quickly changing, and not for the best. Large Suburban’s with tinted windows are passing through the city limits of this town where meeting places are established on the outskirts of Bozrah. Here, in obscure places, the drug exchanges and transactions occur.  Marijuana, Oxycontin, as well a heroin is sold.

Mary Jane & Roach
Mary Jane & Roach
  • Marijuana is considered the gateway drug, and many addicts begin with this product. They tend to feel that since marijuana plants are naturally grown, they are not really harmful. Although marijuana is not known to be addictive, it is a drug that can lead to other stronger more harsh drugs. The reason for this is that the people, who engage in the practice of marijuana, seem to become drawn deeper into the drug scene, within time.
  • Oxycontin: This opiate drug is a highly addictive one. It is sold by the pill and easy to transport, so drug dealers love this. Those who use Oxycontin usually crush the pill and either “sniff” it or”shoot” it. It is really a time released pill; however, when administered in this manner it offers a quick”high”.
  • Heroin: Heroin is the most deadly of the opiate drugs and leaves its users in an addictive state. It is a very difficult drug to quit.

All in all, the dealers who do business in Bozrah are making a lucrative income, while at the same time are increasing the rate of crime in this small residential town. These citizens are committed in keeping their town a decent and respectful one, and this is what they plan to do!

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