Drugs in Bantam, CT

Types of Illicit Drugs that are Popular in Bantam

Bantam, Connecticut is experiencing the effects from an illicit and dangerous drug scene. Many of the individuals who are responsible for the trafficking of these street drugs, have decided to leave New York City, due to the dangerous street gangs  and relocate to a more quiet  and exclusive location. Bantam fits the bill!

Depending on whether Oxycontin, described as beans, or heroin is desired these drug pushers are bringing it all to Bantam. Corruption, as well as, fatalities is being seen, in this once peaceful area. With less than 1,000 inhabitants, Bantam is considered to be rural in nature. These drug traffickers are using Bantam as a “hub” for drugs, knowing full well that these small town locations do not have the population to support these promiscuous activities. They feel that they are out of the watchful eyes of the federal authorities that usually look to the metropolitan areas for the drug scene.


Oxycontin is sold by the pill, whereas heroin is put on the “black market” in the form of stamps. Both are opiates that are extremely addictive. It is not uncommon to see an individual “get hooked” after just one or two doses. These addictions have such withdrawal symptoms that if a user does not get his/her “fix” in time, they will do anything for the relevant drug. This is where crime comes into the picture, because this person will very likely turn to robbery and/ or theft. This is why criminal acts are linked to illicit drug users.

The residents and local law officers realize that drugs have entered their area, but are not really equipped to handle these issues, however they are doing the best that they can with a small law enforcement team. It is thought that there are specific farms that are being used as meeting and/ or places, but it has not been reported as to the exact locations for these encounters. As for the dealers, they feel that they are biding their time, until they must move on. Until then, Bantam’s residents are at risk for the corrupt activates that are encompassing them and fear for their kids, who they want to keep safe!

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