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The  Facts About Heroin and its Relevance to the City of Easton

Easton, Conecticut’s law officials are scrambling to learn about the threats on its community, one being heroin. Heroin is an opiate drug that is extremely addictive. It offers a “high” that is like none experienced. The king of all drugs, heroin, is expensive to buy on a regular basis. It is sold in the form of a stamp. This is where the heroin is placed on a piece of wax paper and doubled two times and sealed with a stamp. The stamps are designed with vivid colors and texts to entice the users. Some stamps include the following:

Preparing Heroine for injection
Preparing Heroine for injection
  • Green Needle
  • Purple City
  • Frank Lucas
  • All star

The most popular relate to the “Frank Lucas” stamp, because it represents the recent gangster movie. In this movie the use of heroin was represented and used as a tool to glamorize the activity of heroin. Of course, this has an influence on the thousands of young people who like to idolize actors and actresses. It is a shame that things like this are actually imitated by our younger generation, however they are.

Stamps can be sold in buns which are the equivalent of 10 stamps. For those users who need more heroin, bricks are available. A brick is equal to 50 stamps and costs in the neighborhood of $ 375 to $ 400, depending on the area in which the heroin is for sale.

Heroin can be administered by 2 methods:

1.      Sniffing       2.      Shooting (injecting intravenously)

Both ways are dangerous and an overdose can occur, however using a needle is by far the most harmful. One reason is the use of the needle. There seems to be a lot of sharing needles that can lead to the contraction of Aids or hepatitis C. So, one’s problems are not only related to addiction, but also diseases, that can be life threatening. If individuals cannot find the money to support their habits, then they resort to criminal acts out of desperation. This is what the city officials of Easton realize. So, if they learn about drugs, such as heroin, then they have the knowledge needed to see the signs of its arrival into their community. This way they can place harsh penalties for both the dealers and pushers of these illicit drugs. It will help to discourage heroin activity in their city.

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