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The Popularity of Marijuana in Eastford, Connecticut

East ford, Connecticut is a great little city in Connecticut that seems to be prosperous, partly due to the business and employment opportunities that exist between its city limits and New York City. There is not a lot of promiscuous partying or illicit activities taking place in this area, however marijuana is popular.

Marijuana buds

Some say that marijuana is not addictive and cannot be used as a drug to overdose, it is felt by its users that it is harmless. However, it is considered to be a gateway drug, one leading to other substances. There is not much talk about the use of marijuana in Eastford; however it is known to exist. Since it is illegal, it is frowned upon. The worrisome factor is that many people are afraid that it will lead to the hard core drugs like cocaine and heroin. Since heroin is a fad right now, this is the drug that is feared.

Officials in Eastford are trying to figure out how to keep this opiate based drug out of their city limits. Its addiction very often begins with the 1st or 2nd use; then comes the negative effects that go hand in hand with heroin. The individuals who are engaging in the use of heroin can administer it into their system in two ways, as follows:

1.      Sniff  It

2.      Shoot it (injected through the veins)

Hopefully the heroin scene will not become a problem in this small city in Connecticut, but only time will tell. Until then, the government officials in Eastford feel that preventive measures should be implemented to enforce sobriety within its population. These programs for a “drug free” environment are beginning in grade schools and working their way up to and including adult ages. It is important that everyone know the consequences that drugs have on individuals and their families. The stronger the drug, the more harm that it can do to an individual’s body. Opiate drugs, such as heroin, are especially harmful and can even lead to death.

The city of Eastford feels that these prevention programs will be a good way in which to prevent their residents from ruining their lives with drugs.

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