Drugs in East Lyme, CT

Drug Problems in East Lyme

East Lyme is a coastal city of a little less than 20,000 people and is located in Connecticut. The best of both worlds, it mixes the city styles from New York with the enchanting coastal elegance related to beach activities. With its exquisite sea food, it is a popular place to not only visit,      but also live. However, drugs are becoming prevalent in this city.


The most popular type of drug in East Lyme is Oxycontin, also called the “Hillbilly Heroin”. It is an opiate that gives a fast “high” and is highly addictive. Many residents are experiencing an addiction to this prescription drug. However, these individuals are not getting addicted because of partying; in fact, they are getting hooked from taking these meds as prescribed. In fact, the authorities feel that the physicians are partly to blame by prescribing Oxycontin so freely. They feel that these doctors, along with the medical staff, do not explain and/ or teach the relevant dangers of Oxycontin, so the patients are not really aware of its consequences. Because of this, the patients choose to stay on this pain medication, if the doctors agree to fill it. It is an unfortunate situation, ending with a disastrous problem.

Since this is occurring more and more, there are treatment centers that are opening in the near proximity to East Lyme. These facilities are licensed and trained to treat patients addicted to an opiate drug. They implement Methadone or Seboxin to help wean the addicts off of their addictive drug. The success rate is above average; however it is up to the participating individuals how dedicated they are in becoming sober. Patients must visit the clinic on a daily basis, with counseling sessions and visits to the in-home physician, so that together they can work as a team with the addict toward a positive goal of recovery and cure.

Plans are underway in East Lyme to stop this problem related to Oxycontin. By educating its residents, along with treatment clinics, it is predicted that this “Oxy” issue will be solved soon. Of course, a situation, such as this is never easy, but with medical professionals decreasing the scripts written for “Oxy”, it is sure to be successful!

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