Drug Abuse in Waterbury, CT

Waterbury is a popular city in the New Haven County of Connecticut. The city is located on the banks of the Naugatuck River. The Interstate 84 runs along the city and it is connected by the Metro North railroad station. Waterbury is very densely populated and is the second largest city in the County. Though the city is famous for universities, business, and sight-seeing, there are several crime cases being reported. The prime one among this is drug abuse. A lot of people are being arrested for cases of drug abuse and distribution. The number of people being treated for drug addiction also is high. The primary factor being stated as the reason for the increase drug use in the city is the incoming drugs from Connecticut and other different parts of the country.

How do these drugs come into the city?

The drugs usually come into Waterbury from various parts of Connecticut. The Interstate is one of the major routes for transportation of the drugs. The dealers and distributors use this way to transport cocaine and heroin. They chose specially designed cars for the purpose. These cars will have hydraulic chambers which are hidden and can hold the drugs. On initial checking, these chambers will not be visible. So the drugs remain safe in these chambers till distributed. Some drug dealers also use taxis for the purpose. They hire the taxis and travel till the destination with the drugs. Sometimes young boys and girls act as carriers for the drugs. They hide it in their bags and dresses and take it to the directions provided. In such cases, the quantities carried will be less as to avoid any suspicion.


Which are the popularly abused drugs in Waterbury?

The most often abused and demanded drug in Waterbury and other parts of Connecticut are cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin. Marijuana also is found in varying quantities and as being cultivated in different parts of the city. Ecstasy tablets are often used by the youth and these are easily available everywhere in the city. It is also hard to make out when a person is addicted to the ecstasy drugs unlike the other powerful drugs.

What makes people to use these drugs?

The reason why a person uses drugs cannot be determined easily. It might be out of curiosity or necessity. Whatever be the reason, once addicted to drugs it is very difficult to leave the habit. Once you use it, you will be tempted to use it again. And if you are addicted, you will get withdrawal symptoms like headache, nausea, nervous breakdown, anxiety, and other painful feelings. To lessen the suffering for the body, the person will resort to drugs again.

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