Drug Abuse in Stamford, CT

Stamford is located in the Fairfield County of Connecticut and is the fourth largest city in United States. The city is densely populated and is located near the metro area. Drug abuse is a crime which is less reported in Stamford. But compared to the last few years, the number of cases being registered is increasing. When around 25 kilogram of cocaine was seized from the whole of Connecticut, some small quantity was seized from Stamford as well. The place is very famous for pubs and nightclubs which serve as a primary hideout and dealing of drugs and other ecstasy tablets.

Who use these drugs?

making a line of coke
Making a line of coke for snorting

The majority of drug abusers are the youth. Most of them start using drugs out of curiosity and for a thrill. Nowadays drugs are available in the school and college campuses as well. When one child starts using drugs, it is easy for him to make others fall prey to it. Initially the drug dealer may provide sample drugs free to the children. After two or three tries, the child gets addicted to it. And now the dealer will demand a price for the drug. The child will somehow manage to make the money and get the drug for himself. Adults also use the drugs sometimes unknowingly. But there are people who use drugs knowingly to escape from momentary troubles and pains. When they use it, they become drowsy and unaware of the surroundings.

What do they get when they use drugs?

Some people use drugs to get the momentary pleasures and rush of energy. The people, who are highly addicted, use these to relieve the withdrawal symptoms. Cocaine is a drug which acts like an energy booster. It makes the person alert and pumps in more energy. But once the drug starts wearing off, the person dozes off and sometimes may be sleepy for days. Marijuana is often smoked in and this gives a pleasurable feeling. Drowsiness follows when the drug effect leaves the body. Heroin acts by slowing down the metabolic activities of the body like the heart beat and breathing rate. All these drugs are used to calm the body.

How does drug addiction affect family life?

Drug addiction can affect family and social life to a big extent. When people are highly addicted to drugs, their characters change and will be drowsy most of the times. So they prefer to be alone always and stay away from all relationships mainly for the fear of being caught. Using drugs is a crime and people use these in complete secrecy. So they keep it a secret from family and friends and do not mingle much with others. As a result, the relationships weaken.

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