Drug Abuse in Norwalk, CT

Connecticut has a lot of cities and Norwalk is a famous one amongst these. It is located in the Fairfield County and is the sixth largest city in Connecticut. Norwalk is a part of the New York metropolitan area. The place is densely populated and attracts a lot of foreign tourists. Owing to the increasing tourists and immigrants, the drug abuse in the city is on a rise. Reports show that drugs are imported and transported into the city through taxis, shipments, and even parcel services. The most commonly abused drugs are heroin and cocaine. Earlier, the police department had seized around 25 kilogram of cocaine from different parts of Connecticut including Norwalk. Since then, Norwalk is being closely monitored for the drug abuse cases.

What makes people to try drugs?

illegal prescription drugs
Illegal Prescription drugs

The reasons behind getting addicted to drugs can be many. It can be social, personal, or mental problems which makes a person to try drugs. There are people who take drugs to get away momentary happiness and escape from the problems of the present. Some take it just for the sake of fun and excitement. The people who are addicted to drugs take it when they get withdrawal symptoms. The effect of different drugs is varied. It can also differ depending on the quantity being consumed. Cocaine makes you feel energetic and reduces hunger. As the drug leaves off, you feel exhausted and tend to sleep off. Once addicted the craving for cocaine is uncontrollable and the person resorts to more of it to keep the body calm. Heroin has some other effects. It affects the central nervous system and slows down the activities of your body. This is one of the reasons why heroin overdose can lead to death at times. Many other drugs just give a pleasurable experience and this tempts people to use it.

How do the drugs become popular?

The drugs can become popular by many means. A person who takes drugs may explain the good effects of it to his circle of friends and tempt them to use it. Similarly, college students and children may easily fall into the trap during the teenage when they are in a hurry to try all exciting things around them. Some drugs are provided at night clubs and parties. When children like the effect of these drugs they go to the clubs for more of these drugs and bring in more of their friends. As the number of people using the drugs increase, the demand increase. Thus the drugs become popular. Drug addiction also makes people to demand for more drugs and keep them stocked so that they can always have it handy and not fall to the withdrawal symptoms.

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