Drug Abuse in North Stamford, CT

North Stamford was one of those places in Connecticut from where large quantities of cocaine and marijuana were seized in the last few years. The place is being constantly monitored for the increasing drug abuse and drug addiction cases. North Stamford is a part of Stamford in Connecticut. It is not a much densely populated place and is less developed that the rest of Stamford. This gives a lot of places and opportunities for the drug dealers to operate freely in the place. There are lot of hilly and woody places for hideout and storage of drugs. Though it is not very developed, the household income rate of the place is very high and this accounts for the money available to be spent on drugs and other crimes.

Teens and Drugs

I refuse drugs
I refuse drugs

The majority of the drug abusers in North Stamford are the teenage group falling in the age group of 13 – 19. They are the school and college goers and have lots of opportunities to fall prey to drugs and its abuse. Like the rest of North Stamford, the schools and college campuses have woody hideout places and old barn like places where the abusers can hide the drugs. The students use these drugs during the free hours and lay drowsy in these spooky places. Sometimes they lay there for the whole of the day. The reason why teachers and other authorities are not able to distinguish the drug abusing students is because they mostly use the ecstasy drugs. The effects of ecstasy drugs are not that visible like the other powerful drugs. Unlike cocaine and heroin, ecstasy drugs are available mostly in the form of tablets and can be ingested orally. These are easy to use and need not be smoked or sniffed in. So the teenage drug abusers find it very easy to use drugs in campuses and at home as well.

Why Do Students Use Drugs?

Students may start using drugs out of curiosity. They may use it once or twice and like the effect of it. And then out of fear they may stop using it. But when a pressure situation like exam or job hunt arises, they may be tempted to use these drugs and calm down their senses. The reuse of these drugs make the child to crave more for it after the drug wears off. So what they use to relax their bodies finally becomes a very import thing in their life. They will not be able to do their day to day activities without these drugs. The withdrawal symptoms will be painful at times and to lessen the suffering they intake the drugs very quickly. The more often it is used, the sooner the child gets addicted to the drug.

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