Drug Abuse in New Haven, CT

Drug Abuse in New Haven

New Haven is a city in Connecticut. In the recent years, Connecticut has seen a rise in the number of drug abuse crimes. New Haven also has reported drug abuse cases and number of people being admitted to drug rehabilitation centers is rising. New Haven is the sixth largest municipality in the New England. It is a very densely populated place and is located in the New Haven County.

Most Commonly Abused Drugs in the Place

The most commonly abused drugs in New Haven are cocaine and marijuana. These were seized in huge quantities from the whole of Connecticut. Ecstasy drugs and heroin also are popular in the place and are very easily available. Though these drugs are costly, there is no decrease in the demand for these.

How Are the Drugs Used?

Different drugs are used in different methods. Most of the drugs are sniffed or injected. When sniffed, the drug is placed on the palm of the hand or any other convenient position and breathed in to get the effect. When injected, it will be in the liquid form and are usually injected directly into the veins to get faster results. Some drugs like marijuana are smoked. These will be available in the raw form or as powder. These are smoked to get the effects. Certain drugs like the ecstasy drugs are available in tablet forms. These can be ingested orally. It is very easy to carry these around and use as well.

Where Do People Use Drugs?

drugs in school
Drugs in schools

When using alone, people prefer to be in secretive places. But when there is a whole gang, they usually gather in a room or at abandoned places and use the drugs. It is reported that teenagers are using drugs in the school and college campuses. The authorities are generally unaware of these happenings. There are many pubs and night clubs which offer drugs very publicly to their customers. The customers are usually the youth and they go to these pubs to use the drugs without the fear of anybody. There have been reported cases of drugs being used and distributed at work places. The basements and parked vehicles are the major places at the work location which serves to use the drugs.

How Do Drugs Affect A Person?

Different drugs have different effects on a person. Some drugs slower the metabolic rate while some make the person energetic. When the drug wears off, the person will be drowsy and may dose off, sometimes for days together. The mental effect is very bad one. The person loses his concentration skills and will be disoriented. It reduces his good qualities and abilities. These factors tend to make the person be less connected to friends and family. They tend to stay alone and avoid making contacts with anybody.

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