Drug Abuse in New Britain, CT

This city of Connecticut in United States, New Britain, is located in the Hartford County. The population of the city, according to the 2006 census survey, is 71,254. It is a well populated city with lots of Polish people. Like in other cities of Connecticut, drug abuse crimes in New Britain also are increasing. The demand for drugs and the storage places also are increasing.

Drug Facts of the City

The popularly abused drugs in the city are cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and PCP. Enforcement teams have seized large sizes of stored drugs from various parts of the city. Among all the drugs available in New Britain, cocaine is the mostly widely used drug. The crack form of cocaine is more famous here than the powdered form. The crack is smoked in by the drug users and Cocaine Hydrochloride balls also are used. Canada produced marijuana is very common in New Britain and is very costly also. Sometimes it is sold at $5000 a pound. Still the number of abusers of marijuana is more. PCP is distributed by the African American traffickers in Connecticut and is transported into the city from New York City. PCP is used by abusers often with mint leaves or marijuana. Loosely packed marijuana and PCP are available in plastic bags throughout the city.

Drug Abuse at Workplaces in the City

Drug container
Drug Container

The number of drug abuse reports at work places in New Britain is increasing. The main distributors of drugs at work places are the immigrants belonging to the drug dealing gangs. Sometimes drug orders are taken from the employees and supplied on payment for the delivery. Though there are major risks associated with drug abuse at the work place, the addicted employees still continue to use drugs out of the craving. Many companies have put together rules and are taking stringent action against those employees found guilty of drug use or distribution.

What Makes People Use These Drugs?

There are many reasons which make people to use drugs. The reasons can be simple curiosity, anger, lack of care and love, and so on. Whatever reasons a person uses the drug for, once addicted, getting de-addicted is very difficult. Using drugs occasionally is not very different; you can still get addicted to these drugs. Most of these drugs affect the brain and nervous system and due to the need of a high and repeated use, one gets addicted to it. The withdrawal symptom of different drugs can be different and the person may not be able to tolerate it. This makes the body to crave for the drug to ease the uncomfortable feeling of the body. Drug overdose can lead to death or sometimes make the person paralyzed for life long. So it is always better to stay away from drugs.

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