Drug Abuse in Hartford, CT

Connecticut is a place which is very notorious for crime activities like drug abuse recently. 25 kilogram of cocaine and 73 kilogram of marijuana were seized from the place over the last few years. Reports state that the capital of Connecticut, Hartford, serves as the main hub for drug dealers, distribution, and all other drug related activities. The city is located in the Hartford County and is densely populated. It is ranked as the third largest city in the state and is a very wealthy place as well.

How drugs get into the city?

Over the last few years, the city has been attracting new development and immigrants. This has lead to a mixed culture and lot of new behaviors and activities. Hispanics and Colombian traffickers are supposed to be the largest dealers and distributors of drugs in the whole of Connecticut as well as Hartford. The drugs are shipped as bulk shipments into the country and transported through the highways in taxis and specially equipped vehicles to the various destinations. The popular parcel services also are used as a means to make the drugs reach the specific destination. There are usually highly specialized drug gangs operating behind the distribution in different parts.

Who are the main users of the drugs?

Illegal Prescription Drugs
Illegal Prescription Drugs

There is no specific age group of people who use drugs. There are people who have been using drugs for a long period of time also. But the most number of people using the drugs fall within the youth category. The worst part is that a lot of teenagers also are involved in drug abuse nowadays. Most of the cases registered in Hartford have teenagers involved. They use drugs in the privacy of their rooms, schools and college campuses. The adults use these in hideouts and sometimes with other abusers as a gang. There also have been reports of drugs being used in work place. But the number of cases reported in this category is less.

What does the state do to control drug abuse?

It is not easy to de-addict a person and stop him from using drugs. As a result, many de-addiction and rehabilitation centers have been set up in various parts of Hartford and Connecticut. Nationwide counseling programs and awareness camps are being conducted for people of different age groups to refrain them from drugs. Special awareness programs are conducted for the children as they fall easy prey to drugs. Those found guilty of drug use, distribution, or dealing are sent to police custody. Drug use is a crime and public abuse of drugs is not allowed. Strict measures are taken to avoid the import of drugs into the place. Monitoring has been made more strict.

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