Drug Abuse in East Hampton, CT

The town, East Hampton is a town in Connecticut. It is located in the Middlesex County and has a population of around 20,000. The town is a collection of lot of villages and is famous among tourists and immigrants. Over the last few years, the drug abuse in the town has been reported to be on a high and the reason being cited is the immigrants who bring in the drugs to East Hampton.

Drug Scenario

Heroine and needle
Preparing Heroine for injection

Most of the drugs come into East Hampton through Connecticut and the mostly abused drug here is Cocaine. The other popular drugs being abused here are Heroin and Marijuana. Around 25 kilograms of cocaine were seized from Connecticut last year and most of these were to be taken to East Hampton. The reports show that the demand for heroin has increased drastically. The reason behind the popularity of the drug is its easy accessibility and low price compared to other drugs. This drug is available in pre-packed sachets or bags and as per demand as well. Some of these packing have logos and seals of the suppliers.

The major carriers of heroin are the Hispanics and the Dominican and Colombian narcotics traffickers are said to be the chief suppliers of the heroin in the streets of East Hampton and Connecticut. The interstates serve as the path for the transportation of these drugs. Mostly specially equipped vehicles, which have secret hydraulic compartments, are used to transport heroin and other drugs into the town.

Marijuana is often sold for $5000 per pound and is readily available in the town. It is said to come majorly from Southwest US and Mexico. Jamaican traffickers are reported to be the chief suppliers and carriers of marijuana. Unlike other drugs, marijuana is shipped in bulk and as small packages as well. Sometimes the popular parcel services are used for the purpose. These parcel services enable the carriers to meet and exchange the money or other agreed items. There are intelligence reports that marijuana cultivation is thriving in East Hampton and other areas of Connecticut. These areas are chosen after careful planning and all precautions are taken to hide them from the public eyes and law. The people behind this cultivation are secret groups and they have connections with the local gangsters.

Owing to the growing cases of drug abuse, many drug rehabilitation centers are coming up in the town. Specialized doctors and treatment methods are available here. One can register online or take an appointment in person at these rehab centers. The treatment type for different drug addictions and level of addiction are varied. This is because the effects of different drugs are different. Often expert medical help is required to get de-addicted from drugs.

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