Drug Abuse in East Norwalk, CT

East Norwalk is very close to Norwalk in Connecticut. This place is inhabited mainly by Hispanics and people of other ethnicities. Over the last few years drug abuse cases in the place is on a high and the number of cases being reported is increasing. Though the registered cases are increasing, the unregistered cases of drug abuse are even more. Researches show that both youth and the older generation are addicted to drugs. The easy availability of drugs in the streets of East Norwalk is considered as the primary reason for the increase of drug addiction and abuse in the town.

How Drug Addiction Affects Families, Schools, And Relationships?

Drug addiction has severe impacts on the family relationships, school life, and the social life of a person. If the father in a family is the person who is addicted, the entire family is affected. The children grow up seeing a disoriented and addicted father. This can lead to bitter children-father relationships and can even make the children chose the way of crime and drugs. The relationship between the husband and wife also worsens. The addicted person always remains in a world of his own and thinks of making money to buy drugs. This leads to a family which is neglected financially and mentally. Social life also can be affected adversely. When your friends and people in the social circle come to know of your addiction, they tend to ignore you and avoid you. This can lead to a situation where you become all alone. Children who use drugs also show several drastic changes in terms of school life, friendships, and family life. They tend to seem disoriented and will not be able to concentrate. As a result, studies will take a low. Involvement with friends and participation in extra curricular activities also will be low. The children seem to be not able to concentrate on anything and will show a disturbed character.

Where Are The Drugs Being Used?

Kid buying drugs
Kid buying drugs

The drugs are used by people at various places. These are often used at places which are less frequented by the public or at secretive locations. The elders tend to use these drugs in the old broken garages, houses, and barns. The street dealers have special storage locations to keep these drugs. Drugs are widely prevalent in some school and college campuses as well. The old buildings and unused classrooms are where the children abuse the drugs. Sometimes they gather at the houses of friends whose parents are out of town or working to use the drugs. The ecstasy drugs are commonly distributed at wild and rave parties and night clubs and these are often mixed with marijuana, alcohol or many other drugs. Such pubs and clubs serve as locations where children can use the drugs without fear of anybody bursting their bubble.

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