Drug Abuse in East Haven, CT

Located in the New Haven County of Connecticut, East Haven is a beautiful place. It is located at 35 mile from Hartford and 140 miles from Boston. So the place has easy access to the major towns and is a part of Greater New Haven. The place has a population of over 35,000 and the number of immigrants also is high. By 2007, the number of reported crimes in the town began to increase. Most of these are murders and assaults. And very recently, drug abuse is becoming a major crime over there. Not much is known about the entry of the drugs and its abuse in the town, but is brought into the town directly from Connecticut. The most commonly found drugs here are heroin, cocaine, and ecstasy drugs.

How the Drugs Get Into the Town

drugs in school
Drugs in school

The drugs get into the town from Connecticut. The Interstate highways provide as the major path for the transportation. Specially equipped vehicles are used for the purpose. Sometimes the professional courier services also are used to deliver the drugs to the required people. The major carriers of heroin are believed to be the Hispanics. The people distributing cocaine are the Colombian traffickers. Ecstasy drugs, though are expensive, are found in abundance over here. The major users of the ecstasy tablets are children and these are readily available in night clubs and distributed at wild parties.

Drug Abuse at Work Place

In East Haven, the majority of drug abuse cases are reported at work places. The drugs used commonly at work places are the ecstasy tablets. The choice of these drugs is due to the ease of use and wide availability. Though these tablets are expensive, these are not too addictive and can be used anytime. So ecstasy tablets are a popular choice at work places. Cocaine and heroin use at work place also is on an increase. The employees usually bring these drugs into the office and use them in the privacy of the rest rooms or in the basements. There have been reported cases of drugs being used publicly at work places.

How Drugs Affect Your Work

Drugs have a severe impact on one’s work. When used the person will feel disoriented and will not be able to concentrate on work. This can affect the productivity level of the individual drastically and drop in productivity can alert your higher managers. If a person is found guilty of drug abuse at work, the person can be warned or terminated immediately. This will leave a negative record in your career history and can affect your progress drastically. You may even notice that your colleagues will start to avoid you.

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