Drug Abuse in East Hartford, CT

East Hartford, in Connecticut, is a densely populated town. It is a major town in the Hartford County. There are many immigrants living in the town and the place is famous for scenic places and is a popular tourist destination as well. But over the last few years, tourism is not thriving in East Hartford and the reason being associated with this downfall is the rising drug abuse in the town.

Popularly abused drugs in East Hartford

The popularly used drugs in the town are cocaine, marijuana, and heroin. Cocaine is widely popular owing to the easy availability and size ranges in which it is available. The effect of cocaine on the nervous system is also another factor which makes it widely abused. The major suppliers of cocaine in East Hartford are the Colombian traffickers. Reports state that every year multi-kilogram loads are being imported into the town and other parts of Connecticut.

Drugs used by youth

Ecstasy pills
Extasy pills

Ecstasy drugs also are very popular in the town. These drugs are often sold in the form of tablets and are a bit expensive as well. Ecstasy tablets are usually consumed by the younger generation. It is very difficult to spot out a person using these drugs as it doesn’t have many symptoms like the other powerful drugs. As it is not that addictive it is distributed openly at rave parties and night clubs. These tablets are consumed by the children and college going students very often. As these are available in tablet form and can be ingested orally, children can easily carry these around to use at convenience. This drug is as dangerous as any other drug as it is an open invitation to try other drugs and also it has been linked to rape as the children expecting to get Ecstasy were given GHB or Rophynol, which are drugs commonly used to render the victim helpless. This is just one of the dangers of this and other drugs and we advice you to get educated about them and participate in helping children and society to get rid of the misuse of drugs in general.

How and where the drugs are used by youth

One of the very common places where the youth use these drugs is in the college campuses. Mostly there would be a gang of drug abusers and they find out secret pockets or hide-out places in the campus where they can use the drugs. Cocaine, heroin, and marijuana are smoked, sniffed, or injected at these places. The drugs are also stored at secret places in the campus itself. When it comes to ecstasy drugs, they carry around the tablets and consume without much secrecy.

Effect on family life

The family lives of children who use drugs are severely impacted. When they get addicted they always try to think of ways to make quick money to get the drugs. If the child is severely addicted, the thoughts will be about consuming the drug. As a result, the child is often seen distracted and stays away in loneliness from the rest of the family. Why children get addicted to drugs is a popular question. The reasons can be many. It can be the lack of care and love, dangerous friends circle, and behavior of the child.

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