Drug Abuse in East Haddam, CT

Drug Abuse in East Haddam

East Haddam is a town of Connecticut in the United States. It is located in the Middlesex County and has a low density of population. Like most other cities of US, East Haddam also has several reports of drug abuse in the town. Though not an alarming rate, the number of drug crimes is increasing.

Where are the drugs being used?

Since the drug abuse rate in East Haddam is less than average, the places where these drugs are being stored and used are very secretive. It is usually the old buildings, deserted houses and farmlands, unused garages, and rural areas that the abusers and distributors choose. These places are not frequented very much by people and hence it remains away from the eyes of the public and authorities. Raids and trafficking operations usually happen when hints and tips are provided. The teenagers and high school children use these drugs in the motor homes and unused classrooms or buildings of the colleges and universities. There are certain pubs and night life clubs which cater to the drug abusing teenagers alone as well.

How are the drugs becoming popular?

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The drug use gets popular very fast. It can be by many means. It can be by word of mouth or forcible abuse. Sometimes drug abusers spread the effects of using the drug to colleagues and friends who get interested to use these drugs. There are certain cases where people forcibly make others to use drugs and get addicted. In some worse cases, the drugs are mixed with foods or other stuff and given to teenagers who enjoy it without knowing the fact. Once they get the pleasure of using it, they start to crave for more and try to get more of these drugs.

How drug use affects family life?

Drug abuse and drug addiction can severely affect one’s family life and relationships. Once a person is addicted, he may need to take several doses a day and this need to be done in secrecy without friends and family knowing. So the person begins to withdraw from the friends and family circle slowly. Some people act violently and rudely to other. The behavior is often unpredictable and can cause family breakups and mental problems as well. If there are kids in the family, this rude behavior will impact the child’s also. The addicted person starts to neglect the family and familial responsibilities. In the early stages people may try to act normal but in the later stages, they will not be able to concentrate or control themselves. Most often family members do not report the matter to the authorities and tend to treat them in secrecy fearing the family status will be reduced. At this stage the best thing to do is a drug intervention.

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