Drug Abuse in Durham, CT

The city Durham in Middlesex County, United States has a population of around 7000. The population of youth and teenagers are higher here. Over the past few years, the crimes in the city have been increasing, the predominant are due to drug abuse and trafficking.

Popular drugs abused in Durham

The mostly abused drugs in the city are cocaine, marijuana, club drugs, and methamphetamine. Some narcotic drugs also are abused widely in the city. The popular club drugs here are MDMA, LSD, and GHB. These drugs are widely popular among the teenagers and are available in schools and colleges. Most of the colleges and universities in the city have very old buildings and many hide out places. These make the distribution and storage of the drugs in the educational premises very easy.

How drugs get into the city

There are transporters and carriers of drugs in the city. Dealers use many immigrants. Not all immigrants deal with drugs but certain groups do. Marijuana is another popular and easily available drug in Durham. This drug is smuggled into the state from Mexico in trucks and sea cargo. In some rural areas marijuana is being grown extensively. Compared to cocaine and marijuana, heroin is not that easily available in Durham. The major abusers of heroin in the city are the older abusers.

Teenagers making money from drug distribution

user and dealer
User and dealer

Drug abuse and distribution is becoming very high among the teenagers. This is due to the lure of the easy money and the “ecstasy.” In colleges and universities there are special rackets and gangs who sell these drugs to the students. The abusers are usually the wild party goers and enthusiastic groups. The drug dealers in the city contact the willing drug distributors in colleges and sell drugs to them, who in turn distribute it in the campus. The money is collected from the users and many teenagers resort to drug distribution to earn quick money. In most cases the authorities and families are not aware of the happening on the campus and send in the children without any fears. It is time that parents, teachers and also the kids get an education about drugs and its personal and social effects and do something about it.

If you have someone that you care about personally you can do a drug intervention.

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