Drug Abuse in Andover, CT

There is no question that drug abuse and drug addiction has become a problem in Andover, just as it has in cities across the country.  In order to combat rising drug use it is important to understand not only what drugs are being used and from where they are coming, but also what they are and the impact that these drugs are having on family and employment in the city. In other words an effective educational program is required.

Most of the drugs that are found in Andover have made their way north from the urban center of Boston.  While getting drugs into Boston, moving them upstate is relatively easy.  It is done by anyone from a teenager making a recreational purchase on a weekend trip to professional pushers who buy in bulk.  These larger purchases are then marketed to the overwhelmingly rich and idle youth population of the city.

OxiContin is one of many abused drugs

You can find just about any kind of drug in Andover these days.  It starts with the relatively benign underage consumption of cigarettes and alcohol and moves into hard drugs like cocaine and ecstasy.  You can also find marijuana and pain killers being used recreationally in Andover.

Drug Addiction in the Teenage Population in the City

Andover is known throughout the state as a town full of rich kids with a lot of time on their hands and nothing constructive to do.  As with all stereotypes, this is not completely true however there is a significant proportion of teenagers in the city involved in drug use.

Drug use by teenagers begins younger and younger these days.  Children as young as fourth and fifth grade might start trying cigarettes especially if their parents smoke and there are cigarettes left unattended in their house.  Much of the drug abuse in the city takes place in the home when teenagers are left unattended.  However, as teenagers and their friends have access to cars many of them drive to the unpopulated areas outside of town and drink, smoke, or do drugs there.

Drug Addiction in the City as a Whole

While teenagers who occasionally abuse drugs are the most visible users of drugs in the city, there are significant social consequences for users who have become addicted, both physically and mentally, to drugs.  For instance, performance in the work place is one of the first areas that the negative influence of drugs manifests itself.  Increased absenteeism, lethargy and accidents are often indicative of alcohol, marijuana, or other drug abuse.

The fabric of the family can also unravel when drugs are abused.  Teenage drug abuse leads to truancy and harmful rebellion.  Destruction of property or violence is often not far behind.  If it the parents who are abusing drugs not only are their children more like to become addicts, but they are no longer able to provide for their family.

After viewing the serious consequences of drug use in the city of Andover, a call to action should be made to stamp out the drug problem. More needs to be done in the educational arena and not only in the policing of drugs.

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