Drug Abuse in Colebrook, CT

Drug Abuse in Colebrook

Colebrook in Connecticut is melting pot of white non-Hispanic, Hispanic, Blacks and other races. Its nearness to NY is one of main reasons for increase in drug trafficking here.

Extent of Drug Abuse

Various drug trafficking group are involved on illegal drug trading. Criminal gangs operating in the region smuggle drugs such as heroin, cocaine into the city using land and air routes. Amphetamine, marijuana and methamphetamine are also other popular drugs, which are being distributed in the Colebrook town. The drugs are being distributed even across Colebrook and its neighboring areas.

Addict in dispair

Drug addiction is one of the fastest growing chronic social diseases leading to criminality and other harmful after-effects in individuals who are under the spell of the drugs. Drug addiction and abuse is considered as a brain disease simply because it changes the function and structure of the brain. Even though many people take up drug as a voluntary action but in due course it affects the mind and body and affects the persons’ control on the self and the capacity to make decisions.

Drug Abuse and Family

Like that of diabetes, heart disease and any other relapsing medical condition the drug addiction can also be treated and managed effectively. Even though drug abuse creates a chronic medical condition if not properly treated it is not uncommon to relapse and get into drug use again. Even if relapse of drug use is there it does not indicate failure. It means the treatment should be re-instated or re-designed to suit the needs of the individual. This redesigning the treatment is sure to help the individual to gain control over his life and get into the recovery path soon. The family should help the individual with the proper Drug Intervention to come out of abuse/addiction.

Drug abuse is curable. According to research funded by NIDA, when families, communities and the media are involved in the drug prevention drive the program is sure to be effective. This is because each of us are well connected with the society we live in and each one of us contribute towards others well being. Hence it is important for the society to understand the risks involved in drug use and addiction. Teachers, health care professionals and parents need to play important role in educating the awareness among schoolchildren and young adults who are prone to get into drugs easily.

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